Coco Noir, the new fragrance from Chanel

Mysterious, elegant and lush, Coco Noir floats on a dark cloud of Venetian memories. Chanel announces a new fragrance.

Gabrielle Chanel had a propensity for the city of luminous canals and baroque palaces, and Venice, Italy inspires Chanel’s latest fragrance which combines notes of citrus, rose, incense and patchouli conjuring the contrast between the glow of a chandelier and the  and profound darkness of opulent draperies in Venetian palazzos. This velvety scent sits in a more somber version of the iconic Coco flacon.

Coco Noir Eau de Parfum, 50ml, €92, Chanel (available from August 17).

By T.A, translated by Quinn Connors

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My Undying Love for Monsieur Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture 6 Rose Bergamasque is stunning glossy creamy nude with peachy pink tones that is perfect for me as an everyday lip color.

I really like the way Rose Bergamasque feels and looks on me, and despite the higher price tag it is something I would repurchase. I love YSL as a brand and I find that the products are high quality (from the things I’ve tried) and worth the price tag.

I am fair and I wear shade NC15 in MAC, 20 Clair – Translucent 1 in Chanel so keep that in mind when I mention how much this shade suits me. Having said that, I can see this working beautifully on darker skin tones as well.

So much beauty! I can’t stop swooning!

YSL Rouge Pur Couture retails for $32 USD. Available from Sephora, Nordstrom and anywhere else you find a YSL counter.

Have you tried the YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipstick? What’s your favorite?

This product was purchased by me and I am in no way affiliated with the YSL brand, though I would love to be 🙂 Special thanks to my friend, Beth, for buying this for me in the US.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo and Stockholm

They are applied like a lip gloss, pigmented like a lipstick and dry completely matte. They are difficult to define, to say the least, but are great for us matte look lovers.

I had the hardest time deciding what colors to get (being San Paulo as my first favorite), so I decided to go for a sexy red (Monte Carlo) and a neutral color that I figured would match my skin (Stockholm).

Stockholm is a pink brown nudy shade. I find it very flattering on me (For reference, I’m NC15-20)

Monte Carlo is a raspberry red shade. (Almost like MAC Ruby Woo)

Both are very creamy in texture and glide onto the lips. After application they dry to a velvet looking matte finish. They are incredibly long lasting, with around 4 hours wear time before needing touching up. One thing to note before wearing them is they will accentuate any dryness, so exfoliating and moisturizing the lips before applying is advisable.

NYX Soft Matte lip creams retail for P280 each. I strongly suggest that everyone try at least one of these lip creams. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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The Best Makeup Wipes Ever!

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelletes ($6.49)

It easily takes off all of my makeup with just one wipe. I’ve tried different brands and nothing takes off my mascara as easily and as well as these wipes. They do not break out my skin either; which is another great bonus to this product. I highly recommend this!
Also found a dupe of this product (found in our local drugstore). Will blog about it soon!

Review: Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser and Moisturizer

Like many Aveeno products, it’s not about frills, it’s about meeting a need.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser 6.7oz (around $8)

  • Brings Out Skin’s Natural Radiance
  • Helps Even Out Skin Tone and Texture
  •  with Moisture-Rich Soy Extracts
  • Oil-Free
  • Soap-Free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Noncomedogenic

The moment this cleanser touched my skin, I knew I was on to something special. My skin is extremely sensitive to products and this felt soothing and cleansing at the same time. Not only did it remove the dirt and oil from the day, it seemed to keep my skin clean for the next eight hours. I don’t know how they did it, but I will definitely be using Aveeno instead of my expensive cleanser from the department store. This is the best drugstore cleanser I’ve ever used. I would definitely recommend trying this out!

Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer 2.5 fl.oz (around $15)

  • It has SPF 30
  • Evens Out Skin Tone & Texture
  • with Clinically Proven Total Soy Complex & Natural Light Diffusers
  • Oil Free; Hypoallergenic; Noncomedogenic

I think it has evened out my skin tone and gives it a glow once it sets in my skin. I love applying this on my face, neck, and ears. It keeps my skin moisturized and is a nice base before my makeup. This product is just truly amazing I highly recommend it. The price is great too!

I hope you find this review helpful. Let me know what you think!

Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2012 Beauty Picks

This Autumn Winter Look 2012/2013 expresses a desire to get back to basics, a desire for a luminous matteness that is both natural and sophisticated, with effects that can be tailored to a personalized look. Khaki, black, gold, red, the classics of the contemporary Rive Gauche woman who has a daring approach to color and a free spirit combined with true Parisian chic.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture – The Mats 203 Rouge Rock ($32)

The must have for the perfect matte lip look. Rich, creamy formula is infused with a velvet complex for a luxuriously smooth application, and jojoba oil for long lasting comfort. Intense color pigments for a vibrant touch of color that lasts.

YSL Palette Couture ($68)

The star accessory for autumn, the Palette Couture has morphed into a jewel bedecked with a crocodile motif, the emblem of the YSL accessories and leather goods collection. The patina-khaki and gold engraved compact plays on the contrasting matte and glossy theme to reveal a delicate powder stamped with a “scale” pattern. Fleshy pink, golden beige, rosy black-brown. A harmony of 3 subtle shades that adapt to all skin tones. By blending them, you can sculpt the cheeks and create a radiant, custom-tailored blush.

YSL Dare to Glow 01 Tempting Gold ($28)

New! Limited Dare to Glow luminizers for the signature YSL radiant complexion.  This satiny fluid can be used on the face to highlight the cheekbones, bring radiance to the eyes, and create a soft glow on your lips.

YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara 01 High Density Black ($30)

This award-winning volumizing mascara achieves a dramatic result in a single stroke. The secret? The triple-film complex. A coating film for intensity, a conditioning film with pro-vitamin B5 and aloe vera for curves and a fixing film with vinyl polymer for long-lasting effectiveness. The brush applicator combines nylon fibers of varying diameters for volume enhancement, as never before.

New shades for Fall: 19 Vert Graphite

YSL Pure Chromatics No9 ($55)

Through the magic of water and a revolutionary new process, Yves Saint Laurent pushes the limits of color with PURE CHROMATICS, a new generation of eye shadows. Real makeup artist magic is made easy with emblematic harmonies that captivate the eyes.

New water-process technology, exclusive to YSL,  is the latest discovery in color for pigments more intense and dramatic than ever before!

Expect the unexpected. Water enhances color pigments in PURE CHROMATICS. When used wet, the water activates the pigments and gives full intensity to their color. The effect is the satiny powder transforms into a luxurious cream while pearls shine with a metallic finish.

YSL La Laque Couture 32 Rouge Expressionniste ($25)

A new generation nail lacquer that’s both elegant and practical is presented in a sleek elongated glass bottle imprinted with the timeless YSL logo. A pantheon of fashion-inspired shades, from subtle and natural to vibrant and dramatic provide a high-shine finish for an instant touch of glamour. Long wear formula with Chil Rose Oil strengthens, moisturizes and protects nails from chipping and cracking. Dries fast and applies evenly without streaking. La Laque Couture is equipped with a new custom-made brush that allows an easy and fast application. The nail lacquer perfectly adheres to the brush that pulls the drop instead of pushing it for a flawless and intense result.

New shades for Fall: N 31 Khaki Arty, N 32 Rouge Expressioniste

How to Apply False Lashes

Long lashes can make your eyes look bigger, fuller and more inviting, but not all of us are blessed with sky-high lashes. Thankfully, modern civilization invented false eyelashes, which come in various styles, colors, and sizes. If you learn how to put them on correctly, no one will ever guess that they’re not yours.

Things you’ll need:

  • False eyelashes
  • False eyelash glue
  • Mascara
  • Eyelash curler
  • Tweezers
  • A mirror
  • Patience
  • Eyeliner (to put on before or after you apply the lashes)


  1. Trim the lashes. If the lash is wider than your eye,  trim one side of it lash by lash.
  2. Squeeze the lash glue on the tip of your finger and run the eyelashes along it. Blow softly from edge to edge to make the glue a little less runny to apply your lashes.
  3. Wait until the glue is tacky before applying to your lid.
  4. Pick the lashes up with tweezers and bring it as close to your natural lash line as possible.
  5. Press from end to end and hold until the glue dries (30 seconds to a minute, or sometimes less depending upon the adhesive). This allows the glue to set.
  6. Apply the mascara while pressing your finger behind the false lashes. This will bond the false lashes with yours. It may be beneficial to use an eyelash curler before applying mascara.
  7. Fill any gaps between the false lashes and your natural lash line with eyeliner.


  • If false eyelash glue gets in your eyes, take the eyelashes off and wash your eyes out.  After drying the eyelashes, you may be able to apply them again.
  • Use the least amount of glue necessary to avoid this.
  • Use clean eye lashes, tweezers and other accessories to avoid contamination
  • Theatrical lashes can include glitter or other decorative touches. This glitter can sometimes get into your eyes.
  • For a good tip, apply black eyeliner BEFORE you stick on the lashes. It’s easier to handle with when you’re done and gives it a clean natural finish.

Sephora x Benefit Beauty Kits – My Beauty Picks


Go deliciously nude…sweet & soft shades for a fresh, natural-looking glow. Our pocket-size lip & cheek kit includes an iconic tint, award-winning cheek color, luscious lip gloss and sexy highlighter so you can add a pop of color to your look…morning, noon or night.

Set includes:

  • benetint rose-tinted lip & cheek stain
  • high beam luminescent complexion enhancer
  • sugarbomb “sugar rush flush” face powder
  • ultra plush sugarbomb lip gloss

How to look the best at everthing – light

We wrote the book on complexion perfection! Our custom perfectors give you a luminous complexion by blending away imperfections and minimizing the appearance of pores. You’ll be the first to finish flawless.

light kit includes:

  • the POREfessional PRO balm to minimize the appearance of pores
  • hello flawless oxygen wow “cheers to me” champagne brightening makeup
  • boi-ing 01 & 02 industrial-strength concealer
  • “hello flawless!” “me vain?” champagne custom powder cover-up

How I wish I can visit Sephora right now. Hook me up with these babies please?

via Benefit

First Look: Sigma Beauty Expert – Brow Design Kit

Sigma Brow Design Kit ($69)

The15 piece kit contains all of the arching, shaping and grooming tools needed to achieve beautiful and well defined brows! Available starting July 23rd!